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Hey there. I have schizoaffective disorder and a friend of mine turned me onto people who have "headmates" or something. I'm not going to tell you not to do it, cause I don't know if it's for roleplaying or whatever, but just be careful with it cause it can be seen as insulting or offensive to people who have psychotic/schizo-spectrum illnesses. If you do suffer from it though I really hope you get help. Anyway, sorry I'm on anon cause I don't have a tumblr, but best wishes.

Thanks for your concern but I really don’t like that this part of me that has been my way of life since forever— having “headmates” I mean, is always treated like an illness that I need a cure for.

News flash; the psych community actually doesn’t know everything, and has a long track record of being horribly wrong and treating people with mental illnesses like shit. 

Being multiple can cause some weird and interesting things to happen in my life, but that doesn’t interfere with how I function in the world. 

My identity is not an illness. I do not suffer from my multiplicity. My headmates are accepted parts of mine AND my partner and friends’ lives (I am lucky in this sense) and I believe that they exist in a way that is very separate from my other diagnosed mental illnesses. 

Not everything can be put in a box just because the psych community ‘says so’, and I don’t trust that stuff more than I trust how I know myself— every case is different, and that’s the biggest flaw in modern psych. Trying to deal in averages with individuals is a very flawed way of thinking.

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